Eine große Überraschung

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Eine große Überraschung

Eine große Überraschung

Eine große Überraschung

Do you remember the amazing tunes on our Opening Party in February?

Then you will remember Ken Shakin. He is the guy who was responsible for the awesome music at our party and who has co-formed the group „Jamakuko“ with our streetartist Txus Parras. Every now and then the two have concerts around Berlin. One of these concerts took place last Friday on the 7th of May at Gallery Überraschung. A gallery which respresents underground and trash art culture.

The owner of the Gallery Lucas Böttcher knows Txus Parras from the good old Tacheles times and has actually a very interesting background since he grew up with an actress mother and a famous father. Some of you might know his father Jürgen Böttcher as „Strawalde“ an artist and a filmmaker with a focus on social critism.
With his Gallery “Überraschung” Lucas wants to bring together old and young generations of artists and promote these connections in Berlin the same way as it was during Tacheles times.

The gallery has several rooms, one of them has a small cinema in it which alternative films are projected. In another room the interactive and edgy show of “Jamakuko” was perfomed. Even MC Clapper Priest from London was there.

The whole show was indeed a big „Überraschung“.

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