Doggyssage: A Vernissage for Dogs

Finally! The first Doggyssage – ever, will take place at Klassenfeind Gallery at Oranienburger Straße 22 on Saturday November 26th.

And we not only want you here, we need you here! – Never mind if you’re thick, thin, small, tall, styled, scruffy, cute or a bad guy. On November 26th you take control of the leash and walk your human to our gallery. If your owner doesn’t do as you please, bite him in the ass! This day is not a day to relax on the sofa. It’s a special day just for you, so force your human out!

We invite you for a free photo shooting with our very own renowned Tachleles artist Tim Roeloffs. Your portrait will later on be used for one of Tim’s wonderful collages, for which Pivo and Jack, his dogs, have modelled so much in the past.

Doggyssage-Tim Roeloffs
Doggyssage-Tim Roeloffs

While you’re busy doing your photo shoot or smelling your friends and rivals, your proud owners can have a drink and enjoy the exhibition that will include awesome dog art of awesome artists. And yes! – Barking is strictly allowed!

In the future Tim’s new collage with all will be on sale at Klassenfeind Gallery, to be sold to an art lover, whose dog will be green with envy, when he sees you beaming down at him with all your friends. Or you could convince your owner to purchase it and become the star of your own living room!

In your company, your owner can enter for free. All other dogless visitors will have to pay 5 Euro.
Yes, we know, that’s worth so many treats…!!!

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