Tacheles 27- A photographic Exhibition by Stefan Schilling

Photography Exhibition of Stefan Schilling, showcasing his own Tacheles Book on the 27th Birthday of the occupation of the famous Tacheles Arthouse

On the 13th February Tacheles would have celebrated its 27th birthday- for that reason our Klassenfeind Gallery, that has been a platform for many Tacheles artists in the past 18 months, will exhibit photographs of Stefan Schilling.

©Stefan Schilling
©Stefan Schilling

Stefan Schilling was born in Erfurt. Since 1991 he lives in Berlin. In the 90s he woked in the Tacheles arthouse as painter, graphic designer, silk screen printer, curator and photographer.

It was in that time phrase and in the last years of the Tacheles, when he created a detailed photo documentary which is now available in form of a book titled “TACHELES – Die Geschichte des Kunsthauses in Fotografien von Stefan Schilling”(translated: The story of the Tacheles arthouse in photos of Stefan Schilling). The book illustrates pictures, anecdotes and cites of ex Tacheles residents.

In his exhibition „Tacheles 27“ Schilling will show photographs from the Tacheles book and also never published photo material from the Tacheles in our Klassenfeind Gallery.

The exhibition „Tacheles 27“ starts on Saturday, February 11th at 5 p.m. and ends on the 11th of March 2017.
The actually birthday of the Tacheles will be celebrated with a little suprise on Monday, February 13th at Klassenfeind Gallery from 11 a.m. on.

Of course we are happy to also invite you to our Vernissage on the 11th of February at 5 p.m. We look forward to revive the Tacheles times with Stefan Schillings photographs.

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