Tim Roeloffs working on a new art collage at Klassenfeind Gallery.

Recent Artists

BAA featured an eclectic and diverse group of Tacheles artists. Here you can read their amazing biographies.
You could view and purchase artwork at our Klassenfeind Gallery in the Mitte district of Berlin from June 2015 to March 2017.

©Stefan Schilling

Stefan Schilling

Stefan Schilling was born in Erfurt. Since 1991 he lives in Berlin. In the 90s he woked in the Tacheles arthouse as painter, graphic designer, silk screen printer, curator and photographer.

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Tim Roeloffs at Klassenfeind Gallery

Tim Roeloffs

Tim Roeloffs was born in 1965 in Enschede, Holland. After finishing his studies, he began to travel around the world as a professional tennis coach. Starting in Switzerland, he went on to spend time in Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Egypt, before finally in 1992 he established himself in Berlin stating that “travel has taught me a lot about life.” That same year he discovered the Tacheles Arthouse,…

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Andreas Schiller

With a lot of knowledge in his background, Andreas Schiller was one of the most famous members of the Tacheles Arthouse and belongs to the first generation of the New Leipzig School. He was a source of inspiration for the Tacheles artists.

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Kemalion Skulptur_Klassenfeind Gallery


Kemalion was born in Turkey and has been living in Germany since 1969. He was co-founder of the art house “Tacheles” in Berlin-MItte, where he owned a gallery and a studio up to 2011. In the same year he founded a house of culture named “Treptopolis”

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Marcel Goossen at Klassenfeind Gallery

Marcel Goossen

Klassenfeind Gallery wants to collaborate with artists of Tim Roeloffs native land and has formed a partnership with Gallery Blauwdruck in Zwolle, Holland. Therefore from May the wonderful art work of Marcel Goossen can be admired at our Klassenfeind Gallery.

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Txus Parras

Txus Parras was born in Madrid in 1962 and grew up in Switzerland. In the late 80’s he decided to make his way to Berlin, where he has resided ever since. Txus belongs to the old school of the Tacheles Arthouse and is one of the most famous art activists on the Berlin scene. His art pieces are inspired mainly by early Indian art, psychedelic art, street art and Dadaism, which has at its roots the desire to engage the viewer socially and politically. His philosophy is expressed through Dadaist aesthetics challenging in a disruptive way bourgeoisie contemporary art.

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Maria Henn

We are proud to present our second female artist, Maria Henn, exhibiting an special edition of her: The bears! – The symbol of the capitol Berlin. Therefore she lovingly calls them „Bärlin, ick liebe dir“ which in Berlin dialect means: „Berlin, ich liebe dich“. It is a declaration of love for the city of Berlin

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