Marcel Goossen at Klassenfeind Gallery


Marcel Goossen

Marcel Goossen was born in 1962 in Holland. After his studies in Sociology and Journalism he decided to dedicate himself to art.

He is fascinated by the lack of rationality in social and human interactions and also by the single individual. Goossen creates paintings, sculptures and collages. In his collages he combines photo copies with charcoal and colours. He models human figures which underline vulnerability, aggression and lust. The bodies in his collages are shown in an affected and animal like state. His imagery is poignant, outrageous and sometimes violent as he wants to highlight the hidden primitive ways of the human existence.

In the exposed series of small collages he concentrates on the subjects of Eroticism and Sexuality. He tries to widen the definition of Erotic by focusing on intimacy, vulnerability, love, pain, devotion and loneliness. He wants to counteract, refine and enrich the pornographic image of human sexuality.

eros 8

Marcel Goossen regularly exhibits in and outside his hometown Zwolle. Currently he shows his work at art Gallery Blauwdruck in Zwolle, in Netherlands.

Klassenfeind Gallery wants to collaborate with artists of Tim Roeloffs native land and has therefore begun a partnership with Gallery Blauwdruck.

From May on you can admire the wonderful art of Marcel Goossen at our Klassenfeind Gallery, also.