Kemalion Skulptur_Klassenfeind Gallery



Kemalion was born in Turkey and has been living in Germany since 1969. Most of this time he resided in Berlin. Since 2015 he is living in Vossberg/Letschin in Brandenburg.

He was co-founder of the arthouse “Tacheles” in Berlin-Mitte, where he owned a gallery and a studio up to 2011. In the same year he founded a house of culture named “Treptopolis” designated for the local artists in the fields of theatre, galleries, concerts and exhibitions of all kinds. There he was also the artistic director up to 2015.

Kemalion is an autodidact and a freelance artist acknowleged by the state authoritiies. He uses and applies scrap and other incidentally discovered matter as raw materials for the formation of his mentally moving sculptures. He also works with natural materials such as wood and clay. His motto is: “Art for everybody”, “Functional objects”, and “Phoenix from the ashes”.

Kemalion Skulptur_Klassenfeind Gallery2

From July 2016 on you can admire the sculptures of Kemalion at Klassenfeind Gallery.