Maria Henn


Maria Henn

Maria Henn was born 1963 in Mainz, Germany. After her graduation from school, she moved to Italy, where she joined the drama group:. „Tiempo Comun“. Her Tour with the group took her troughout Italy and Tunisia before returning to Florence. There she devoted herself to modern dance based on the graham technique.

After four intense years, she started to work as a stage painter in the USA. Within three years she lived in Madison, Wisonsin and Chicago, Illinois (USA) and mainly practiced painting.
After a painting-journey to Bali, she became an art school student in Silakarang, Indonesia. It is there where she firstly starts to work with oil – making Contemporary art inspired by traditional Balinese art.

„Painting to me is an intuitive process. Because of that I don’t do studies or sketches. The idea and memories of experiences or natural formations are the ones that get me going“

After her daughter was born, she returned to Germany for two years, before she went back to Italy to work with marble in Carrara.
After that, she attended university in Ottersberg, where she met other sculptors and painters before gratuated. Since 2002 she lives and works in Berlin. She also spend some time in the arthouse Tacheles.

Maria Henn Bärlin
Maria Henn Bärlin

We are proud to present our second female artist in the Gallery since October 2016 exhibiting an special edition of Maria Henn:

The bears! – The symbol of the capital Berlin. Therefore she lovingly calls them „Bärlin, ick liebe dir“ which in Berlin dialect means: „Berlin, ich liebe dich“. It is a declaration of love for the city of Berlin.

These paintings  consist out of recycled products. Here base are wooden frames, which she finds throughout the whole city, as well as the bottle caps from a Berlin beer factory. She transforms them into a crown for the bear. For the bear she used bitumen, a black liquid that you normally find on asphalts.

„Fun is my actual drive to paint, to experiment and to play with textures, colores, shapes, motives and histories. I try to portray what i feel, picture memories of what I’ve seen and what I’ve experienced. Things that touch me, magical pictures of the world that want to be expressed on canvas.“