Doggyssage in CITY DOG Magazine

Our Klassenfeind Gallery team is very excited. Our upcoming opening on November 26th, “Doggyssage: A Vernissage for Dogs” is featured in this months edition of “CITY DOG” magazine. This magazine publised interesting articles and stories about our four legged friends, especially for those that live in big cities as Berlin.

Since our Doggyssage is addressed to the dogs of Berlin, we are very happy to read about the event in the CITY DOG magazine, which you can buy in every kioks throughout Berlin.

Doggyssage in CITY DOG
Doggyssage in CITY DOG

Unfortunately the article is only availabe in German. It basically tells about how our Gallery Manager, Fabiola Hummel, developed the idea for the event. She tells how so many dog owner bring their dogs for a walk at Monbijou Park which is on the contrary side of Klassenfeind Gallery in Berlin Mitte. Every day a lot of dogs pass by the gallery and almost every time they stand still to have a glance into it. No kidding!

All our visitors and fans might know that our main artist Tim Roeloffs loves to create collages with pictures of his beloved dogs. Concerning that fact and the suprisingly sweet interest of the city doggies in our gallery space, one day Fabiola had THE IDEA: To organize an exhibiton only for and about dogs.

In German we do not use the word “opening” for an exhbition-opening but the french word “Vernissage”. Dog and Vernissage combinded equals: “Doggyssage”.
And voilà, the name for our next exhibition was born in which amazing artists like Tim Roleoffs, Andreas Schiller, Kemalion and many more will show pawfect doggy art.

Another highlight of the event will be the photo dog shooting with our Tachleles artist Tim Roeloffs. The taken dog portraits will later on be used for one of Tim’s wonderful collages, for which Pivo and Jack, his dogs, have modelled so much in the past.
Also all the dog owners that come with their hairy friends to the Doggyssage will have free entry.

We look forward to see you on November 26th at 1 p. m. at Klassenfeind Gallery!

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