Niki de Saint Phalle and her magical “Tarot Garden”

Let’s dive right in and talk about Niki de Saint Phalle, a known artist by her Nana sculptures. These are made out of cement or concrete and show curvy, very feminine women. The women sculptures show full colours, like blue, green, red and so on. On top of that they also have very different designs that make the sculptures look very round, wavy and feminine.
The sculptures type of body rather relates to the scale of baroque beauty, because back then, being plumper meant being wealthy.

Niki de Saint Phalle has created a huge “Tarot Garden” in Tuscany, including 22, partly huge sculptures. She planned the garden together with her husband Jean Tinguely. It took them exactly 20 years, starting from 1978 until it’s opening in 1998 years to finish their work, eventhough they had a huge amount of helpers.

The garden shows, as the name says, figures of the Tarot deck. For example, the devil, the magician, or the world. The Tarot it is also made for psychological development, by trying to find answers to your questions.


When you walk into the garden it really feels like you have entered a magical world full of beauty in the hot Tuscany sun. It is like going on a travel just for the soul.

Some of the sculptures are that huge, that you can live in them. Niki de Saint Phalle actually did that, while the garden was under construction. The one she chose was “The Empress”, the biggest of the sculptures in the garden. Inside the sculpture, the walls are covered with mosaic pieces of mirrors which make the room look very bright. What an amazing place to live in!  Just like a whole wallpaper of mirrors, Abstract wallpapers will transform your walls into a superb piece of art if you want to set the mood or add a vibrant focal point.

Have you already been to the Tarot Garten? Which emotion did the sculptures wake inside you? Which was your favourite? What do you think is the actual meaning of the figures in the Tarot?

We look forward to your answers!

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