Start a post it art war!

Having a boring day at work? You have nothing to do and you don’t know what to do with all that free time? Or maybe you even have a day off? Then here is your solution, not only to pass time, but also to make your workspace or home prettier:

Post it art!


Have you seen this kind of art anywhere yet? People put these on the windows of their offices, challenging the people in the bureau at the opposite side of their buildings, or just their work colleagues, making their workplace a personal space. But there are also artists that make huge artworks that cover house fronts.


You can easily create a masterpieces with these, because there is not much you can do wrong. There are post its in several colours, with which you can create your artwork. Using a generator it will help you to put all the sticky notes in the right place. But there are also some rebels among us, that stick post its over another, so that they overlap, to create a rounder look. We think the retro pixel aesthetic is prettier, but that’s just our opinion.

So start a competition with your friends, rivals and co-workers, making your empty wall or window the best you can. Post some results on our facebook page and the most liked art piece will win. Hardcore artists, that actually put the post its on their wall or window will be preferred, at least by us, from the ones, that simply just shoot a picture through the generator. But hey, may the most liked art piece win!

For further inspiration, take a look at this:

And no – we are not sponsored by post it (R), we just like art and would love to see your results!

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