Tribute to Tacheles at the Klassenfeind Gallery

Tim Roeloffs at Klassenfeind Gallery

In 2012 one of the most important places for alternative culture in Berlin, the Kunsthaus Tacheles, closed its doors. It was a point of exchange for culture and knowledge, unique in the history.

Kunsthaus Tacheles was characterized not only for its architecture, but also for its special
adornment, which created a singular atmosphere. All the walls were covered completely with paintings and graffiti from floor to ceiling, giving visitors the feeling of being inside an art tunnel.

In our Klassenfeind Gallery we wanted to make a tribute to this special experience, dedicating one of the gallery’s spaces, where our public enjoy a similar environment to what they will have seen at the Tacheles arthouse.

To do this, two of our artists have been commissioned to execute the big art piece, which is covering almost all surface of the room, following the Tacheles’ philosophy and style that characterizes it. On one wall we find a Tim Roeloffs‘ creation, with his inimitable collages. Over the images, Authos and Poet Ingo Stephan has covered part of the surface of the mural with own verses. Over the opposite wall is a work of Txus Parras, with his psychedelic graffiti and motifs.

It is a permanent work, but at the same time is also ephemeral. On one hand, this art piece is executed directly on the wall made it to be a printed mural wallpaper, it belongs to it. So, it’s not possible to move it to another place. But, on the other hand, in case that the art piece would be moved, this one would be destroyed. This idea is coming also from the street art concept.

If you want to enjoy this experience, visit us at our Klassenfeind Gallery!!

Check out one of Ingo Stephan’s books here.

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