Volker Wagner

Volker Wagner, metal sculptor, was born in 1962 in Kandern, Germany. In 1992 he moved to Berlin where he took a part of the Tacheles community until 2002. It was there where Volker began his metal workshop called “More Art Metallwerkstatt”. Since then he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions. He currently lives and works between Berlin and Brandenburg.

His sculptures are created from reused tools and pieces of iron, such as pliers, sockets, locks, gear wheels, etc., bringing each one to life. These amusing figures with their unique personalities are baptised with names and identities giving them real existential and historical presence.


Volker’s dynamically humorous characters transmit movement in such a way that they seem to come to life by themselves. When the spectator visually interacts with the sculptures, there is an implicit sense of bonded communication between the material and immaterial as if they were united in a choreographed dance.

Currently, these sculptures can be found in the Klassenfeind Gallery.