Laloquita is a fashion designer, with more than 15 years in the design field. Her passions are fabrics, and her designs can be considered as true works of art. She gives a prominent place on her work to the choice of the materials: she touches and smells the materials because she wants to feel them. According to Laloquita, each fabric has its own past, and it tells a story; and she pursues to connect both, by sewing them as an unique “Lebenspuzzle” (puzzle of life).

She gets inspiration from theater costumes, collections of grandmother’s buttons, ancient curtains, braids and laces. Whatever the treatment of the fabric is, it can be an inspiration for one of her new creations.

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Copyright 2016 – Jana Wich

“I never know in advance what I will create, but I decide during the process, through the material, the people and the environment that inspire me. For this reason, my designs are always going to be unique and will always remain like this”.

Moreover, for Laloquita there is just one human body with different variations. This is why her collection does not include the difference between male and female, and all her designs are unisex.

Laloquita exhibited her new creations from February to April 2016 at our Klassenfeind Gallery.