Emilie Gotmann

Emilie Gotmann was born in Paris in 1985 and is an artist specialized in sculpture. Her creations, which are made by the union of metal fragments, are easy to recognize since the matrerial pieces used are both robust and poetic at the same time.

In 2007 she finished her studies in arts and crafts at the l’ecole Boulle of Paris. In 2008 she came to Berlin where she became part of the Tacheles community and the project “Anima Ferrea” which was led by another well known artist Hüseyin Arda.

Emilie was one of a few female artists at the Tacheles. That fact was her motiviation to create a feminine sculpture series, like for example the creation of a High Heel sculpture ( Symbol that is attributed to women). As a result she gives a reflexion to the gender question. Her sculptures do have other topics though too.


Her art pieces show the impressive potential of Emilie, especially regarding the treatment of the used material. The union of metal fregements- as squares or stripes- let arise sculptures that talk for themselves. The sculptor provides her art pieces with such a presence, ease and sensivity, that while looking at the modelled natural curves, you forget that they were made of heavy metal. She creates a dialogue between the art piece and the observer.

As a result she creates an effect which is the total opposite of metal properties. Thus her sculptures are full of life, weightlessness and expressiveness.

For the contemplation and enjoyment of all our visitors,  we are were very pleased to exhibit these wonderful scultpures of Emilie Gotmann in our Klassenfeind Gallery from August 2015 until April 2016.