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Berlin Affordable Art features art which is representative of the modern history and culture of Berlin. Founded partially in response to the closing of the legendary Kunsthaus Tacheles, BAA features many of the artists who previously took residence at Tacheles, sharing their art as well as their fascinating stories.

BAA’s flagship gallery, Klassenfeind Gallery, is located in the Mitte district of Berlin, just five minutes walk from the old Tacheles Arthouse, on Oranienburger Straße. The gallery offers locals and tourists alike a unique opportunity to see and feel Berlin’s modern street art history and purchase original artworks, prints, postcards and more.

Klassenfeind Gallery

Klassenfeind Gallery

Our gallery, located in Berlin Mitte, is the heart and soul of Berlin Affordable Art. Here you can see and learn more about our artists and purchase original artworks, as well as other items such as silk screenings, bags and postcards. We are looking forward to see you there!

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Tim Roeloffs at Klassenfeind Gallery

Our Online Shop

Very often we have customers at our Klassenfeind Gallery in Berlin that would like to bring home bigger art prints but can’t due cabin baggage policy. Now you can also purchase your favorite art prints of our main artist Tim Roeloffs in our brand new Online Shop. Have a look!

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Berlin Affordable Art Our Story

Our Story

The goal of Berlin Affordable Art is to ensure authentic art which reflects the culture and history of the city, remains accessible and indeed, affordable. Learn more about our story and the history of Tacheles, which provided the inspiration for BAA.

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